Dear Member,

The entry system is now open for pre selection for our submission to the 2019 Australian Cup.

Last year our club rose to the challenge and was subsequently awarded a very respectable 6th place and an APS Honourable Mention out of the 46 participating Australian Camera Clubs! Individual awards were earned by Julie Rathbone – APS Bronze Medal & Alec Trusler – Judges Choice.

We are, as a club, to submit 20 images in total. The Category is Open. Any subject (colour or mono) is acceptable but no images of a pornographic nature will be accepted.

The entry to our pre selection competition is now open and closes at midnight the 31st of April. We have a judging panel who will select the final 20 images to be submitted to the 2019 APS Australian Cup. Entry is via our MEMBERS > COMPETITIONS > Other competitions or upload opportunities > Australian Cup – Preselection .

Entry requirements are the same as usual ie 1920 x 1200 < 2mb. You will be able to change your entries up until the closing time – 31st April Midnight. You will also be able to view all entries listed – this is to negate the chances of similar images and thereby varying the pool of images to choose from. However, if you think that you have a much better shot of something that has already been entered, enter it. As mentioned, members will be able to change their entry right up until the closing date. The theme is Open and does not require any coherency between the 20 images. Each image will be judged on its own merit. Points from each image will be directed to the authors’ club and the resulting final score will be totalled and then the clubs will be placed in order of highest to lowest points.

We look forward to your entries.

Thank you