The following opportunity/challenge may be of interest to MCC members.

Canon Moments Matter is a photography challenge hosted on Canon Australia’s social media channels (Instagram and Facebook) and encourages Australians to look for, capture, and post the moments in their everyday lives that spark joyinspiration or positivity using both hashtags #Canon Australia and #MomentsMatter. Moments of laughter, imagination, reflection, play, discovery, simplicity, quiet, togetherness. These moments matter.

The purpose is that despite the challenging times we’re facing, everyone has the potential to experience moments of positivity and joy in their day that we can truly treasure, or use as motivation and inspiration to keep moving forward. We know that captured moments have the power to tell stories, and that shared images have the power to spread positivity and inspiration to those in our networks and communities who might be struggling or need of connection. If a moment matters to you, it will matter to those around you.

Canon Moments Matter – How to get involved

Simply capture an image or a video of a moment that matters to you, then share it on your social channels applying the hashtags #CanonAustralia #MomentsMatter. Instagram is the main channel but you can also get involved via Facebook too.

Entries using both hashtags may be spotlighted on the Canon Australia Instagram channel and here on the Canon Australia website.

The challenge will continue for as long as the national social distancing mandates are in place – which are easing but are not over yet.

For more information, visit or reach out to Justine Taylor ( Creating together, inspiring each other and being strong for our loved ones is just one way that we can be in it together for the common good. We look forward to seeing what moments matter to you.