Hi everyone
The committee members are meeting on zoom this coming Tuesday night. In light of our current circumstances, the format for our monthly competitions have changed for the foreseeable future. We are also in the midst of some club housekeeping and we would like our members to provide feedback on how to keep this great club successful and viable.
Some questions we would ask include:

How well is Zoom working for you?Are you checking and receiving emails which provide the zoom link? The link normally works a half hour before the given time of any meeting. Prior notification is also sent.
Do you have Zoom? It’s a downloadable app which is free.
Do you need help with accessing Zoom? Please ask, as we’re more than happy to help.
How are you navigating the website? Are you encountering any issues? Again, please ask.
How do you feel the club is performing at this point in time?What do you think is working, or not? We want to get this right and keep the transition smoothly as possible.
You may provide your thoughts here, or send an email to ladybryn@y7mail.com. We would like to receive as much feedback as possible before Tuesday night. I will apologise in advance if any of you receive the same message twice. While some of you will read messages in this group, others will check emails. This way, both bases are covered in putting the message out there. As we continue to move forward, spirited and respectful discussion is always welcome.
The Committee