Such a great evening was enjoyed by all at our annual Christmas Party, IOTY and High Point awards!

Thank you everyone for being part of the success of the Maitland Camera Club. We have a very hard working Committee, dedicated helpers who every week help put up the stands and then pack them away and of course our members who just help keep the ball rolling by attending the day classes as well as the weekly meetings. Thank you!

Look forward to seeing you all in 2019.

The Image of the Year – Open large Colour Print 

Julie Rathbone for “Sentry Duty”

Merits were awarded to Sue Joy for “Friarbird”, Graham Smith for “The Eyes Have It” and Sue Joy for “Funkylicious”

The Image of the Year – Open Large Monochrome Print

Grahame Smith for “Waiting for a Train”

Merits were awarded to Grahame Smith for “Isabella”, Sharron Leppien for ” Boabab Daily LIfe” & Dianne Richardson for “Ash”

The Image of the Year – Open Large Creative Print

Brian Maslen for ” Moonscape Fiction”

Merits were awarded to Grahame Smith for “An Exceedingly Rare Gooney Bird” , Geoff Patchett for ” A Broken and Puzzled Mind” and Margaret Callister for “Seed Pod”

Image of the Year  – Open Projected Image (EDI)

Sharron Leppien for “Berenty Girl”

Merits were awarded to  Neville Foster for ” Fledgling Being Fed” , Grahame Smith for “Georgia and Madison BW” , Sean Sylvester for “Humbled”

New Nature (EDI) – Never submitted to club before

Julie Rathbone for “Heading Home”

Merits were awarded to Sharron Leppien for “Ringtail Lemur Quartet” , Alec Trusler for “Yellow tailed Black Cockatoo” , Neville Forster for “Attracting a Partner 2519”

Image of the Year – Small Print

Grahame Smith  for “Micheal”

Merits were awarded to  David Henderson for ” Power Walk” , Sharron Leppien for “Noona Shearer” , Eric Reid for “The Wave 1 0811”

High Point score totals for 2018

Open Large Colour Print – Brad Le Brocque

Open Large Monochrome Print – Brad Le Brocque

Open Large Creative Print – Petro Holowinskyj

Open Projected Image (EDI) – Brad Le Brocque

Small Print –  Eric Reid