Dear Member,

Once upon a time when “snail mail” was the primary source of correspondence my  Veterinarian sent out a monthly newsletter and in it he always enclosed a tea bag with the plea for the reader to sit down and relax with a cup of tea whist reading his ramblings.

Seeing as though I cannot supply anyone with a beverage I encourage you to get comfy and try to get though this very lengthy post that is full to the brim of important information.

Entry is now available for the 2018 IOTY ( Image of the Year). It is, however, not the most ideal method of entry so please be patient and follow these instructions. We will have a much more streamlined process next year.

Please note that all entires into the IOTY must have been submitted throughout the 2018 year. You will only be able to choose from previously submitted entries – with the exception of the New Nature section – explanation and process listed further down this page 

click on the Members tab > Enter a Club Competition . You will then see 6 separate competition tabs >  2018- IOTY Colour Print, 2018 – IOTY Mono Print etc.

If you have entered into any of the MYPhotoClub online entry to other clubs i.e. Belmont, Lake Mac or the Maitland Salon you will have to type Maitland into the the search box to isolate images. Other attributes of this process are outlined below – with the exception of the upload of new images in the case of the IOTY.

Printing of Labels is not available with the IOTY. Please either reuse your old labels or at the least identify your image with your name on the back of your entry.



IOTY only accepts previously submitted works from closed competitions. If you wish to enter images from the open competitions in October and November you will have to wait till they close. The November competition closes on the 4th of November and the IOTY closes on the 5th of November. You will only have 24hrs to upload November images into the IOTY before it closes. As I wrote earlier, this is not the most ideal process, but it is what it is for this year. As of posting this article you will have 7 weeks to familiarise yourself with the process before the competition closes.

NEW NATURE – This is a section dedicated to “Never Seen Before Nature” . upload is through the normal process with no restrictions other than the images must not have been submitted to Maitland Camera Club before. They are allowed to have been submitted to other competitions but just not to MCC in any category, ever. This is an EDI only section.


This topic for this year’s photo assignment is “Minimalism”

As a guide – consider minimalist to be where the image has only one subject and that occupies less than one third of the image.

The assignment is to produce three minimalist images:
-One of a wall with a single feature
-An abstract
-One with contrasting elements.  Note the contrast can be colour, saturation, shape, texture etc.

Name the images as “Single – Title” , “Abstract – Title” and “Contrast – Title” ( By titling  this way all of the images from all submitters will appear in order of section)

Bring along in standard EDI format on 9 Oct. – 1920 x 1200 <2mb on a USB



Petro will be leading his group and any other interested persons to the Hunter Valley Gardens on the 4th Tuesday of October 22/10/2018.

Regular entry fee to the HVG’s is payable, however, if there are 10 or more persons wishing to attend the HVG will offer a 10% discount. Own transport is essential.

Please contact Petro to register your interest. Spring time in the HVG’s is a marvellous sight to behold.


OCT 2nd – Judging of “Patterns in Nature” – please read definitions in the programme.   Members > All club information, Rules, documents and Training Links > Programme

OCT 9th – Showing of Photo Assignment – Geoff Patchett

OCT 16th – Members Talk – Showing of Street Photography

OCT 22nd – Petro’s excursion to the HVG’s

OCT 30th – Committee Meeting


NOV 4th – Closing of final MCC Monthly Photographic Competition. 11:45pm

NOV 5th – Judging of Open Competition – Judge Dennis Jones

NOV 5th – Closing of IOTY Competition. 11:45pm

NOV 10th – Judging of IOTY.  9:00 am

NOV 13th – Workshop – Photoshop

NOV 20th – Guest Speaker – Jim Thompson

Please keep this email handy for future reference.

Many thanks for persevering to the end 🙂