About our club

Maitland Camera Club wishes to extend an invitation to all persons with a passion for photography. 

The Club enjoys a robust membership catering for all levels of photographers , some with vast experience,  whilst others are just beginning their journey.  

As a collective group, ideas and skills  are shared to the benefit of all members.

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About us

Where – Maitland Camera Club meets at Club Maitland City,  12

Arthur Street, Rutherford.

When – We meet on  the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Tuesday of the months of February through to December.

 A competition is held on the 1st Tuesday.

Talks, tutorials and workshops are held on the 2nd and 3rd Tuesdays.

Membership Fees are $35 per Calendar Year and $18 if joining after the 1st July. You can pay via Paypal and Direct Debit.

All meetings start at 7 pm.

Petro holds a day class every Tuesday morning at the Club Maitland City – Emerald room between 10:00am and Noon. On the 4th Tuesday of the month an outing is planned.

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Results for competitions in February – Open

There were 9 entries that gained our highest award(s).

Peter Ryan – 14
Colour Large Print

Grahame Smith – 15
Colour Large Print

Ernie Goulding – 15
Creative Large Print

Ernie Goulding – 14
Creative Large Print

David Henderson – 14
Mono Large Print

Brad Le Brocque – 15
Mono Large Print

Neville Foster – 15
Open Digital

David Henderson – 14
Open Digital

Christine Lewis – 15
Open Small Print

by Petro Holowinskyj, February 14, 2019

National Portrait Photography Competition

Dear photography club member

I am writing to inform you of a national photography competition that you may be interested in.  The National Digital Portrait Exhibition 2019 is a photography competition circuit with five judging panels.   This means your entries go into five separate competitions for the one entry fee of $34.   This competition is now open for entries and closes on March 31st.

The exhibition is conducted in accordance with the recommendations and approval of the Australian Photographic Society (APS) – Approval number 2019/9, with 60 APS medals, ribbons and recognition towards honours available to entrants.     This competition is informally titled “Portraits for Parkinson’s”, as 25% of your entry fee will be donated to aid Parkinson’s Disease support groups in your state.

For full details please go to https://natportrait.myphotoclub.com.au/

Please pass this message on to all of your photographing colleagues!

Kind regards

Colin Woods

Competition organiser

e:             colin@myphotoclub.com.au

m:            0419 624 347

w:            myphotoclub.com.au

by Sharron Leppien, February 5, 2019

Maitland International Salon of Photography Official Opening and Presentation of Awards

Dear Maitland Salon Entrants

You are cordially invited to the Official Opening and Presentation of Awards on Monday 11th February 2019
Arts and Crafts Pavilion
Maitland Showground
Evans Street
South Maitland

Viewing of prints from 6pm with opening at 7.30pm.
AV presentation of accepted and awarded digital images from 7.45pm.

Drinks and Nibblies provided.

Hope we will see you there.

If you are an award winner, please RSVP to me at ian@bbsol.com so we can have your awards ready for presentation on the night.

Thank you once again for taking part in our 62nd Maitland Salon

Best wishes

Ian English
President Maitland International Salon of Photography
0411 136 571

by Sharron Leppien, February 4, 2019

February Open Photographic Competition is now Open

Happy New Year to all!

The February Open Competition is now open for entries. The requirements are the same as for last year –  6 entries in total  across the 5 sections, 1920 x 1200 px and 2mb or under in file size. 

The developer of the MyPhotoClub website and entry system is rolling out a new format during January, which meant that I am only able to create and open our first competition.  Many apologies for this inconvenience. The remainder of 2019 competitions will be incorporated into the new layout.

2019 will see the us offering a PayPal option for the payment of Membership Fees. I will let you all know when this option is active.(Mid January I am promised – with the new layout)   * Payment will not be compulsory via PayPal but will be used as an alternate option for those who prefer to pay via PayPal. We will still accept payment via Direct Debit and cash payments to our treasurer.

Please as per usual, check out the home page –  www.maitland.myphotoclub.com.au  and view the events calendar, the rules and all things pertaining to membership by clicking on the “Members” tab.


Maitland Camera Club






by Sharron Leppien, January 2, 2019

Image of the Year (IOTY) and High Point Awards

Such a great evening was enjoyed by all at our annual Christmas Party, IOTY and High Point awards!

Thank you everyone for being part of the success of the Maitland Camera Club. We have a very hard working Committee, dedicated helpers who every week help put up the stands and then pack them away and of course our members who just help keep the ball rolling by attending the day classes as well as the weekly meetings. Thank you!

Look forward to seeing you all in 2019.

The Image of the Year – Open large Colour Print 

Julie Rathbone for “Sentry Duty”

Merits were awarded to Sue Joy for “Friarbird”, Graham Smith for “The Eyes Have It” and Sue Joy for “Funkylicious”


by Sharron Leppien, December 7, 2018

Maitland International Salon of Photography invitation

Entering International competitions is an excellent way of improving our photography.
The Maitland Salon is one of the first major Salons in the year and the 2019 Salon is open for entries. This is a Print and Digital Salon so I encourage you to post off your prints early to avoid the Christmas postal rush. Print entries this year can be forwarded to The Vigex Salon in Victoria, Australia so you can get a double bang for your buck. Please visit the website – https://maitlandsalon.myphotoclub.com.au
The salon has been running as an international for 62 years and is highly regarded.
Please consider entering this local event.

For our MCC Members we have a personalised delivery service for your prints,  a big saving on postage. 🙂 You can give them either myself, Petro Holowinskyj, Neville Forster or Greg Campbell. Entering is easy and is the same process that we are all used too via myphotoclub and you can easily find the link on the MCC website opening paragraph or by clicking on the link above.

The accepted prints and digital images are displayed in the Arts & Crafts Pavilion for the duration of the Maitland Show and then a selection of prints will be displayed at the Maitland Regional Art Gallery.

I hope to see your prints and images in the exhibition.

Sharron Leppien

Vice President

Maitland International Salon of Photography


by Sharron Leppien, November 27, 2018

2018 Christmas Party & IOTY Presentation Invitation

by Sharron Leppien, November 26, 2018

November Open Photographic Competition Results

Better late than never I say!

Our Annual Christmas Party invitation will be sent out soon but for now can you please mark your calendar for the 4th of December. This night not only sees the end of year High Point and IOTY awards presented it is also night of socialising and enjoying  Dave  Vanes decorations!

Without further ado.


First Place was a awarded to Rob Lord for “The Tree”


by Sharron Leppien, November 25, 2018

Entries now open – Maitland International Salon of Photography

The Maitland International Salon of Photography has been in existence for 84 years and has operated as an International Salon for 62 years. It has built up a strong reputation and now attracts around 5000 entries from 50 countries. Typically around 5000 visitors will view the salon at its two exhibition locations.

Interested persons are able to view and enter via the Maitland Camera Club home page by clicking on the link or you can click on the link below.


Have a look at the previous Award winning images and acceptances by clicking on “Salon Catalogs”.

Hope to see your entries in the 2019 Maitland International Salon of Photography!


by Sharron Leppien, October 31, 2018

October Photographic Competition Results

This months Competition was the Set Subject –  Patterns in Nature. Set Subjects are chosen for their ability to challenge and this month was no exception!

A huge thank you to our guest judge Bill Chambers. Bill not only provided many insights into the world of nature photography and judging but also shared many helpful suggestions to our entrants.

Next Tuesday night we have the showing of our images for our challenge of “Minimalism”. Please bring along your three images on a USB in standard EDI format  1920 x 1200 <2mb  This assignment is to produce three minimal images.

Name the images as “Single – your title” , Abstract – your titile” and “Contrast – your title”  by using this method the submitted images will show up in section order.

  • One of a Wall with a single feature
  • An Abstract
  • One with contrasting elements         

Petro’s day class will be meeting at the entrance to the HVG on Tuesday the 22nd of October at 9:00am. Please contact Petro if you would like to attend, we only need 2 more attendees to be eligible for a group discount.

Congratulations to all that had their thinking caps on for “Patterns in Nature” 🙂


1st Place was awarded to Grahame Smith for ” Bipinnate Fern Leaves










2nd Place was awarded to Sharron Leppien for  ” Panther Chameleon”













3rd Place was awarded to Margaret Callister For “Leaves”





















Highly Commended awards went to Geoff Patchett for ” Antofagasta Mountains”  Malcolm Pattison for ” Golden Sandstone” & Brad Le Brocque for “Sandstone Study”



1st place was awarded to Brad Le  Brocque for “Snakey mono patterns”




















2nd Place was awarded to Dave Vane for ” Wattle Bird Feeding 3″









3rd Place was awarded to Malcolm Pattison for “Sandstone Patterns”



















Highly Commended awards went to Petro Holowinskyj for “Dried Leaf #2”, Alec Trusler for “Patterns on Water”  & Margaret Callister for “Shadow Patterns



1st Place was awarded to Geoff Patchett for “Star Anise”















2nd Place was awarded to Margaret Callister for “Seed Pod”











3rd Place was awarded to Malcolm Pattison for “Seedhead”










Highly Commended awards went to Ernie Goulding for “Dragon Fire” , Margaret Callister for “Blue World”  & Geoff Patchett for “Monarch Flower”



1st Place was awarded to Dianne Richardson for “Peacock Feathers”




















2nd Place was awarded to Brian Maslen for “Just a Butterfly”











3rd Place was awarded to Neville Foster for “Wing Pattern 2811”
















Highly Commended Awards went to  Sharron Leppien for ” Surabaya Mud”  , Eric Reid for “Antelope Canyon 10a 0811”  &  Sandra Elliott for “Red & Green”.



1st Place was awarded to Eric Reid for “The Wave 1 0811”










2nd Place was awarded tio Garry Pearce for “Dinosaur”










3rd Place was awarded to Sharron Leppien for “Moon Moth”














No highly commended awards were given for Small Prints


by Sharron Leppien, October 3, 2018