Hi Members

Please accept this invitation to be part of the MCC “Two Edits” presentation scheduled for September this year. For those of you unfamiliar with the “Two Edits” concept, it’s simply a fun way of seeing how other members would edit two of your images, and you will also have the opportunity to edit two from other members of the club.  Simple details of the steps required (and dates required) are set out below:

  1. Choose TWO (unedited) images of your own – these should be of different subjects or types to add to our diversity during the presentation.  These would preferably be in RAW format to allow the participants editing your images more flexibility.
  • Send the TWO raw images to me via WeTransfer​ – any file names will do as I’ve sorted out a system at my end. 
  • Edit your own two raw files to produce images to share in the presentation.
  • Send your two edited images to me via WeTransfer​ – any file names will do as I’ve sorted out a system at my end.  Please add your initials to the end of your edited file names. The email address to use is in WeTransfer is:  mrroblord@gmail.com

Please add your email address in the required field and also your name in the “Comments” box.  This will need to be done by Friday 12 August. Nextweek!

4.  Once received, I will collate and randomly distribute TWO images to all participants via WeTransfer.  

5.  Once you receive the notification, download the images and get creative with your editing!  

6.  Once you have completed the editing of the two images, use WeTransfer to send them back to me (mrroblord@gmail.com) for inclusion in the presentation in September.  If you could add your initials to the end of the filenames before sending them back, it will assist me in the collation process.  eg.  if the image was titled   Maitland0001, simply change it to Maitland0001RL  (obviously substitute your initials for RL!).  This will need to be done by 2 September.

I would appreciate this last step being done by the due date to allow me time to put the presentation together for our September meeting.  

At our September MCC meeting, we will firstly display (using projector) the original file, followed by your edit, then the two edits done by members.  There will be time for some discussion from about the edits.

I hope this covers everything.  Please let me know if you have any questions regarding the process.  I would encourage all members to contribute images and have a go!

Cheers, and happy editing!!!

Rob Lord

robert.lord@det.nsw.edu.au   or