Before 23 June
Select a colour image of your own that has not been edited but that you feel could be improved with some editing – ie something that has a range of levels and tones and a number of elements in the composition. Hint, there is not much anyone can do with a picture of just a bird on a stick, a face-only portrait, or an image that is severely under or over exposed.

Log on to 
Add the original RAW* version of your file – do not resize or zip.
Email to:
Enter your email address
In the Comments add your name.
Click “Transfer”

*RAW files preferred, but .jpg as it came out of the camera will do.

If you don’t get an acknowledgement back within a couple of days saying I have downloaded the file, check your spam folder. If nothing, please send me an email.

Before 7 July
Expect an email from We Transfer saying you have files to download.
Download them within a week or they will disappear.

Before 4 August
Edit the images you were sent plus your own.
Do anything you like to them as long as some part of the original remain obvious. Do not rename the images.
Resize all three images to the standard size as if you were going to upload them to the club website.
Log on to  and add the three edited files.
Enter the same details as before.
Click “Transfer”

Again if you don’t get a message saying I have downloaded them, please let me know.

18 August
Join the Zoom meeting to see the results.

Any questions, send me an email.  

Have fun