June Photographic Competition Results

Our “Set Subject” theme of “Broken” for the month of June surely tested the imagination of our talented group of members. Between them 119 images were presented to our Judge – John Newton. Thank you to our Committee they has a knack of setting challenging yet rewarding Set Subjects for us. We have two more this year, ” Selective Focus” to be judged on the 7th of August  by Kim Evans and ” Patterns in Nature” to be judged on 2nd of October by Bill Chambers. ( hint – please read the definitions for these  competitions).

Thank you also to our member Gregory Punshon for conducting the workshop on “Low Key Portraiture”. From the images that I have seen and the discussions within our Members Only FB Group the night was well attended and some members are looking at pursuing this genre of photography in more detail. Thank you Greg.

Tuesday the 19th is another workshop night. This time we will have Brian Maslen showing us how to extract images using photoshop and Petro Holowinskyj helping everyone achieve correct colour management profiles for their images.

Below are the place getters for the June Competition ” Broken”.


First Place – “Cut” – Dianne Richardson

Second Place  – ” Break Up” by Ernie Goulding

Third Place – ” Lawnmower Stack 7337″ by Julie Rathbone

Highly Commended –  ” Relfection” by Sue Joy, “Poor teddy” by Sue Joy, “Splat” by Margaret Callister


First Place – “Old Bike” by  Malcolm Pattison

Second Place – “Closed Factory” by Eun Mee Kim

Third Place -” Snap” – Ernie Goulding.

Highly Commended – ” Cracked Screens” by Yung Guon Kim, “Sombre Scene at East Greta BW” by Grahame Smith, “Broken Out” by Geoff Patchett.



First Place – ” Broken and Puzzled Mind” by Geoff Patchett

Second Place – ” Big Ben Under Repair”  by Garry Pearce

Third Place – ” Broken Cup” by Geoff Patchett

Highly Commended – “Windy” by Malcolm Pattison, “Broken Bridge#3a” by Petro Holowinskyj, “Falling Tower #4a”  by Petro Holowinskyj

DIGITAL – EDI ( 36 entries)


First Place – ” Humbled” by Sean Sylvester 

Second Place – “Atar” by Eric Reid ( Image above)

Third Place – “The Jet That Was” by Sue Joy

Highly Commended – “Am I Still Graceful” by Sean Sylvester, “Shattered” by Dianne Richardson, “Broken Geranium” by Sharron Leppien 

SMALL PRINT (8 entries)

First Place – “Broken Shed” by Kevin Parsons

Second Place – “Society Falls” by Eric Reid

Third Place – “Flat” by David Henderson

Highly Commended – ” Washed Up” by David Henderson, “Broken Home” by Garry Pearce, “PCB 1 0618 ” by Eric Reid.

Congratulations to all of our winners and place getters!


Our Entries in the APS Cup

Thank you to all members who entered images for consideration in the Maitland Camera Club entry into the APS Cup. After careful deliberation, our selection committee has chosen the following 20 images as representing Maitland Club’s best chances of success.

Unfortunately we can only enter 20 images so 43 had to miss out, but note was made that some of the images that have previously done well as prints may not have had as much impact as EDIs.

Title Author
Digging the Heels in Alec Trusler
Emerging Kingfisher Alec Trusler
Irma remembers Brad Le Brocque
Its only rain mum Brad Le Brocque
Pearls Dianne Richardson
Table and Chairs Geoff Patchett
Love The Music Geoff Patchett
Hanoi Haircut Grahame Smith
Jacinta Grahame Smith
Look into the future Jennine Rutherford
Wanaka Tree Jennine Rutherford
Grand Design John Vernon
Sentry Duty 0009 Julie Rathbone
Argument At The Waterhole 8451 Julie Rathbone
Rainbow Bee-eater 1787 Neville Foster
Chrunchy Bits! Peter Ryan
The dismount! Peter Ryan
Eclipse Telephoto and Wide Angle Petro Holowinskyj
Sophie Jane Sue Joy
Champagne Darlings Sue Joy

Congratulations to those who have had images selected – we hope the Club and the individuals represented will do well.
We will show the selected images while the judge is deliberating next Tuesday.
Geoff Patchett

May Open Competition Results

Such a big month is May. We started with our Monthly Open Photographic Competition and a full house yet again!

A very big welcome to our new members and we look forward to seeing your images in our upcoming competitions.

Petro conducts day classes on the 1st, 2nd & 3rd Tuesdays at 10:00 am till noon at the Maitland Club City – Emerald room,  and holds a field trip on the 4th Tuesday. These classes are all free and open to everyone to develop their camera craft and editing skills.

Last Tuesday we enjoyed the very eloquent and knowledgable Dr Roy Killen impart his vast knowledge to us about entering National and International Photographic Competitions. Thank you so much Roy, the evening was enjoyed by all who attended.

This Tuesday the 14th we have a photographic Star Trails excursion conducted by Brad Le Broque. Please see your emailed invitation sent yesterday with the time and location. Brad is currently enjoying a “Star Party” with his fellow Astro Photographers at Ilford NSW, hopefully he won’t become frozen in the sudden and quite dramatic polar blast weather that we have at the moment!

May the 29th will be the MCC Committee meeting and as per usual all members are welcome to attend. We appreciate your input.

All images from this and past competitions are available for viewing on the MCC Website

Members > View Completed Competitions


Open Colour Large Print (42)

First Place – Julie Rathbone ” Sentry Duty”

Second Place – Grahame Smith ” Girls in Cafe”

Third Place – Grahame Smith ” The Bookworm”

Highly Commended – Margaret Callister ” Well?’,  Sue Joy ” Camel Rock” , Greg Campbell ” Flinders SA”

Monochrome Open Large Print ( 29) Continue reading

APS Australian Club Competition 2018- Reminder

Dear Members,

Just a reminder to upload your images to the APS Club Competition on our website.

Entries close at 11:45pm this evening – Wednesday the 9th of May.

If you have any questions feel free to email me at windellapark@outlook.com

The usual upload limitations apply.  1920 x 1200px <2mb.

We welcome new images and previous images that have been entered into competitions in any section in any previous year.

The best way to enter is via Members> Enter a Competition> APS Australian Cup nomination > Upload

Good Luck Everyone.

Sharron Leppien

Whats on in May 2018




May 1st – Open Photographic Competition . Judge – Jim Smart


May 8th – Guest Speaker – Dr Roy Killen, EFIAP, APSEM, GMPSA


May 15th – Star Trails Excursion – Brad Le Brocque


May 29th – Committee Meeting


June 5th – Set Subject ~ Broken ( see definition in Club Rules)





Maitland Camera Club meets at Club Maitland City, Arthur Street, Rutherford.


We meet on  the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Tuesday of the months of February through to December.

 A competition is held on the 1st Tuesday.

Talks, tutorials and workshops are held on the 2nd and 3rd Tuesdays.

All meetings start at 7 pm.

Petro’s Day Classes

are held on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Tuesday of the months of February through to December, the Club holds a day class from 10:00 am until noon at Club Maitland City to help people with camera craft, digital editing or photography in general.  On the 4th Tuesday Petro organises field trip to put all of the theory in to practice!

 All are  welcome and encouraged to attend.

April Nature Competition Results

Congratulations to all of the award winners with this months Set Subject – Nature.

Nature Photography can be one of the most rewarding yet frustrating genres to photograph. It was great to see 122 prints and images to be presented to Dr. Roy Killen for judging. As a Camera Club we are very lucky to have one of the most awarded Nature Photographers in Australia to be available to us for judging and conducting talks.


As some of you are aware I am currently away on a back to nature trip for the entire month of April. Due to some very dramatic weather at Mt Buller, Vic I am forcefully holed up indoors and now have time to catch up with things happening within our Club. Unfortunately my internet connection is very sub par and I am only able to grab the winning images from each section. Seems that downloading of zip files in a blizzard is a bit outside our Telco’s capabilities. I am sorry to all of the place getters that I cannot display their images but, every member is able to view the results by going to the home page on the website and clicking on ~

Members Area (blue tab) > View Completed Competitions ( green tab) > April Monthly ( green tab). This will show you all of the images presented and their scores.


First Place – Julie Rathbone ” Argument at the Waterhole”

Second Place – Brad Le Brocque “Dragon Fly Meal”

Third Place – Brad Le Brocque ” Bower Bird Building”

Highly Commended – ” Wrapping it up”- Ernie Goulding, “Never Give Up 0753” – Julie Rathbone, “The Builder” – Graeme Wright, “Gannet and Chick” – Alec Trusler, “Mating Dragonflies” – Alec Trusler, “Love is Blind”- Dave Vane.


First Place- Dave Vane ” Jabiru Got His Lunch”

Second Place – Brad Le Brocque ” Jumping Spider Eats Daddy long Legs”

Third Place – Brad Le Brocque ” Peregrine on Prey”

Highly Commended – Ernie Goulding ” Wheres my Lunch”, David Henderson ” Rapping Lunch”, Julie Rathbone – “I’m Sorry Mumma”, Alec Trusler – “Stag”, Dave Vane ” Dads Just Arrived”


First Place – Geoff Patchett ” Sulphur Motion”

Second Place – Sue Joy “Dapper Dan”

Third Place – Malcolm Pattison ” Grass Tree Spike”

Highly Commended – Malcolm Pattison ” Triple Heron”, Petro Holowinskyj ” Solar Eclipse Sequence F7″, Heather Colgate ” Lotus”

EDI – Digital Image (32)

First Place – Heather Colgate “Welcome My Dear”

Second Place – Sue Joy “Having a Feed”

Third Place – Sean Sylvester “I Think I Can”

Highly Commended – Neville Foster ” In Love 7056″, Brad Le Brocque ” Darter with Fish”, Carolyn Long ” Bee on Water Lilly”


First Print – Geoff Patchett ” Corella and Rainbow Fighting”

Second Place – David Henderson “Mud Hornet”

Third place – Carolyn Long ” In Flight”

Highly Commended – Julie Rathbone ” Etosha Boy 9717″, Julie Rathbone ” Line Up”, Eric Reid ” Heather Colgate ” Safe Landing”




Hunter Valley Zoo event with Petro on the 27th March

Petro would like to invite all members and friends to the Hunter Valley Zoo on the 27th of March at 9:00 am.

A group size of 10 persons and over is eligible for a 10% Discount on the entry fee.

Adults $29.00 – Discounted $26.10

Concession $25.00  – Discounted $22.50

Animal food bags $2 each or 3 for $5

Please check in with Petro and register your interest or, if you decide at last minute to join the group, just wait at the gate at 9:00am to be included in the group discount rate.

Address:- Hunter Valley Zoo, 138 Lomas Lane, Nulkaba. ( near Cessnock)


Tiger Portrait by Grahame Smith                                    Leopard Image by Peter Ryan

Disclaimer  – These images are previously submitted images to the MCC with no known association with the Hunter Valley Zoo. 

Momento Pro Camera Club Program

Maitland Camera Club is now affiliated with Momento Pro.

Momento Pro are providers of high quality photo books.   momentopro.com.au/club

Instructions on how members register are outlined at momentopro.com.au/clubs. Please aware that members can’t download the Momento Pro software before their registration has been approved (which may take up to 7 days). Momento Pro will email me to confirm your membership is current with the MCC. Once approved each member will be eligible to claim a 30% discount on their first order and then 10% on subsequent orders.

To redeem the 30% discount off your first photo book or box order:
Members need to enter the code provided in their Welcome Email at Checkout
10% off all further orders will be automatically deducted at Checkout
Full Terms and Conditions are available at momentopro.com.au/club

My contact at Momento Pro has asked for some examples of great work or exhibition work so that they can share them on fb and insta from our Club.  Please email me an image that you would like to display.   email – windellapark@outlook.com

facebook.com/MomentoProBooks  and instagram.com/momentopro/


Travel Itinerary with Dennis Jones

Hi. My name is Dennis Jones and you may know me as one of the Camera Club judges. Twenty Five years ago I started a travel business which specialises in wildlife travel to Africa and India. Since then we have helped many folk realise their dreams of seeing wildlife and experiencing nature. Many of these have been photographers like you, who have been delighted in our arrangements. Continue reading