November Hapenings

Hi Members,

After a long committee meeting last week, we have come up with some exciting events and workshops for next years program.  The program is not full as yet so if there is something you would like to learn, an event that you would like to see happen, please contact myself or a committee member and we will do our best to see that it happens.
There will be some rule changes for 2018 which you will be notified about in due course.
Next Tuesday, 7th November, the competition will be a set subject “Make the Ordinary Look Interesting” judged by Dr. Roy Killen. Remember to have your images submitted by midnight on Sunday.
Tuesday, 14th November will be a workshop hosted by Kyley Foley. She specialises in creative portraiture and Wet Plate Collodion.  We would love for everyone to attend this night if possible. 
On Tuesday, 28th November, Petro’s day class will be attending the Wallis Creek Watergarden 47 Wallis Creek Lane (off New Street)
Mulbring, NSW
. Please meet Petro in the carpark at 9am. Bring along a tripod and selection of lenses that you might have.  RSVP for this event is by the 21st November, 2017.
The committee and members of the Maitland Camera Club have been invited to The Entrance Camera Club “Print and Digital Image of the Year Night”. It is on Friday, 8th December, 2017 at 7.30pm. It will be held at The Dolphin Theatre, Tuggerah Lakes Secondary College, The Entrance Campus.
Maitland Camera Club


October Open Competition Results

Hi All!,

Now is the time to think outside the square – or rather inside the 400mm x 500mm paramenters 😉  for the November theme of “ Make the Ordinary Interesting” with our Judge Dr. Roy Killen. We have so many very very creative photographers in our Club that November 7th will make for a great evening of ” What the?”  🙂

Congratulations to all of the entrants in our October Competition, such a strong showing of very good images. Thanks also for Kim Evans for making some quite difficult decisions on the night.

Below are the Winners and Place getters for this month.


First Place was awarded to Rob Lord for ” Starry Starry Night”. Congratulations Rob for your first win with your first entry !


Second Place – Graham Smith ” Cara with Doll”

Third Place – Margaret Callister ” Sundown”

Highly Commended Awards Dianne Richardson ” Number 31″ , Peter Ryan ” Moment of Passion” & Petro Holowinskyj ” Snake River”


First Place – Ernie Goulding ” Nuts and Bolts”  – my mind boggles at what Ernie will enter into the  November Competition theme of Make the Ordinary look Interesting!

Second Place – Peter Ryan ” Rock & roll”

Third Place – Graham Smith ” Little Angel”

Highly Commended Awards were received by – Jennine Rutherford ” Church of the Good Shepard” , Peter Ryan ” The Dance” , & Petro Holowinskyj ” Railway Engineers”


First place was awarded to Dianne Richardson ” Number 30″

Second Place went to Bob Moloney ” Neon Incense”

Third Place was claimed by Petro Holowinskyj ” Skater Boarder 2″

Highly Commended Awards went to – Geoff Patchett ” Haunted” , Greg Campbell ” Arches Cowboy” & Margaret Callister ” Water Drops”


First Place – Dave Vane ” Lemon Splash”

Second Place – Peter Ryan ” Dotty”

Third Place – Greg Campbell ” Zion NP”

Highly Commended was awarded to  Jennine Rutherford ” Moereki Boulders” , Geoff Patchett claimed 2 HC’s for ” Star Flower” and “Rooster”

EDI – Digital Images 

First Place – Geoff Patchett ” Dissolving”  A really great shot Geoff!

Second Place – Gregory Punshon ” Number 35″

Third Place – Sue Joy ” The Web”

Highly Commended AwardsNeville Foster ” That Nectar was Something” , David Henderson ” Lunch” , Sue Joy ” The Web”

Community photography event calendar

With the aim of spreading information across clubs MyPhotoClub is now supplying a community calendar.

The calendar is a place where any person can post an event that other photographers may be interested in.

Access the calendar from the purple button underneath the Welcome your firstname on the top left of the home page.

Anyone can create an event.  Please put anything that if of interest to photographers.  Trips, tutorials and other commercial ventures are OK.  Just be clear where fees apply.  Great photography worthy events such as street parades are all welcome.

I welcome your feedback on this service.

What’s on in October and a bit beyond.

Hi All!

As the year is getting away from us rather quickly I would like to urge you all to take a look at the Calendar for the rest of the year and start to get your entries ready for the up coming competitions.

Maitland International Salon 2018

Maitland Camera Club IOTY. ( Image of the Year) 

(Re:- IOTY, I hope to have the link on our Competitions tab to be functional before you all read this and get busy uploading and/or madly emailing me to tell me there is a problem 😉 )

IOTY images need to have been shown in any Competition evening within the club throughout 2017 and not needed to have placed. There is an exception however for the “New Nature” Section. New Nature is for images that have not been seen before. Entries close November the12th.  Good Luck to all entrants!

OCTOBER 1st – Entries Open for the 2018 Maitland International Salon –  Please follow the link on our home page. 

OCTOBER 3rd -Open Photographic Competition – Judge, Kim Evans AIPP

OCTOBER 10th – Members Talk – Brad, Petro and Greg on their recent trip to the USA    experiencing the Solar Eclipse and accomodation gazumping.

OCTOBER 17th – Photography Workshop

OCTOBER 30th – Committee Meeting ( we urge all members to put forward any ideas that you have for workshops, guest speakers, outings or any general feedback to any of the committee members or just drop me an email – I hope to see a full inbox packed with enthusiastic ideas 🙂

NOVEMBER 7th – Make the Ordinary look Interesting – Judged by the esteemed Dr. Roy Killen EFIAP, APSEM, GMPSA

NOVEMBER 12th – Entries close midnight for the IOTY 

NOVEMBER 14th – Photography workshop

NOVEMBER 21st – Photography Workshop

DECEMBER 5th – Christmas Party and IOTY Exhibition and Awards 

Thats’ it for this update and I hope that I have prompted  everyone up to get busy choosing their best and most favourite images and submit them for the up coming competitions.




Maitland Camera Club wishes to extend an invitation to all persons with a passion for photography. 

The Club enjoys a robust membership catering for all levels of photographers , some with vast experience,  whilst others are just beginning their journey.  

As a collective group, ideas and skills  are shared to the benefit of all members. 


Maitland Camera Club meets at Club Maitland City, Arthur Street, Rutherford.


We meet on  the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Tuesday of the months of February through to December.

 A competition is held on the 1st Tuesday.

Talks, tutorials and workshops are held on the 2nd and 3rd Tuesdays.

All meetings start at 7 pm.

In addition, on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Tuesday of the months of February through to December, the Club holds a day class from 10:00 am until noon at Club Maitland City to help people with camera craft, digital editing or photography in general.  All are  welcome to attend.

The Club’s competitions cater for prints and digital entries.  There is no obligation for members to enter these competitions. Come and watch the judging and very soon you will be entering and vying for a postion on the leaderboard!

If you would like more information about the Club, you are  very welcome to attend meetings as a visitor or email our Membership Secretary, Alec Trusler (

Additional details – costs etc are listed on our home page.



September Photographic Comp results

Our Tuesday night judging was conducted by the members. We had quite a large roll up for what was a very interesting evening.

Our October competition will be Judged by a Guest Judge tba

This Tuesday the 12th is an evening especially for our newer members. If you need any help on any subject directly related to Camera Club our more established members will be there to help. 


First Place :- Grahame Smith ” Mandrill Portrait”

Second Place :- Peter Ryan ” Just Chillin”

Third Place :- Dave Vane ” Mother & Baby Toad Stool”

Highly Commended was awarded to :- Grahame Smith ” The Ballerina” &  Peter Ryan ” Get off my tail” , Sue Joy “Welcome Spring”


First Place :- Sue Joy ” Anyone out there”


Second Place :- Grahame Smith ” Josie”

Third Place :- Geoff Patchett ” Silver Langar” 

Highly Commended Awards went to – Peter Ryan ” The Dance” , Petro Holowinskyj ” Darling Harbour Reflections” , Peter Ryan ” Head to Head”



First Place :-Sue Joy ”  The Eye of the Beholder”

Second Place :- Petro Holowinskyj ” Musician Cr2″

Third Place :- Sue joy  ” Explosion”

Highly Commended was awarded to :- Geoff Patchett ” So Long Marianne” , Dianne Richardson ” Untitiled”,   Greg Campbell ” Mono Rail” 



First Place :- Peter Ryan ” Moment of Passion”

Second Place:- Neville Foster ” Lycidea Coupled 8746″

Third Place :- Sue Joy ” Smoking Parrot”

Highly Commended was awarded to Sue Joy ” The Girl in the Red Hat” ,  Dave Vane ” Young Heron Feeding” , Neville Forster ” Fly Nectar Feeding 8693″


First Place :- Peter Ryan ” Reflections”

Second Place :-  Sharron Leppien “Lighting up the Milky Way”

Third Place :- David Henderson ” Cave 1″

Highly Commended was awarded to : – Sue Joy ” Hairy Legs”  ,  Sue Joy ” Frozen Rose” , Dianne Richardson ” Sparks” 

Congratulations to all of our competitors as there were some really excellent and unique images submitted.

Its a Knockout!

Alec trusler hosted a ” Knockout” evening  on Tuesday night. Alec  has bought this concept to us from when he lived in the UK. His hosting and commentary was throughly enjoyable. Thanks Alec!

Many laughs, discussions,  Ummms and Ahhhs were bought forth from the 25 plus members that attended this informal and entertaining evening.

The  concept is a simple one in that each member brings along 2 digital images  and the images get displayed in a random manner. The two  images then go head to head for  a popular vote on which one goes through to the next round.

This is the 2nd year that Alec has held this evening and for the 2nd time our very talented member John Vernon has won.

John captured this very emotive and wonderfully toned image on his recent trip to Italy.

If you would like to join us in hearing  all about John’s and 2 other members recent  photographic trips away, please join us Tuesday the 15th of August at the Maitland City Club at 7:00pm.

See you soon 🙂

August Print & EDI Results – Mood & Emotion

A near full house was counted at our August judging night on Tuesday. Its wonderful to see the majority of our members regularly attending each Tuesday!  Well done and thank you!

Nicole Curtis was our very popular judge for our themed competition. Nicole has a wonderful way with judging and helping us understand a different perspective for photography whilst always keeping in mind the definitions. Thank you Nicole!

Extra  points as usual go to Petro Holowinskyj for double dipping on the joy that is Maitland Camera Club! Petro runs the daytime classes that are held between 10:00 am and noon on the 1st, 2nd & 3rd Tuesdays of every month. If you would like to attend or know someone that would please contact Petro.


First place evoked a strong response from Nicole as well as most in the room! We all know that haircuts are life threatening when one is young 😉

Well done Grahame Smith – “Hanoi Haircut”

Second Place was awarded to Petro Holowinskyj  – “Happiness”

Third Place was put right by Brad Le Brocque -” Dad Fine tunes”

Highly Commended awards were given to :-

Brian Maslen – Arms and Legs,

Sharron Leppien – Happily Working,

Margaret Callister – Smile.


First Place. Margaret Callister is proving that being a new member is certainly no reason to not be consistently in the awards each month. Congratulations Margaret – “Moody”

Second Place danced in for Peter Ryan – ” Together” – below

Third Place teamed up for David Henderson – ” Father and Daughter”

Highly Commended awards went to

Brad Le Brocque – : The Realisation”,

Brian Maslen – ” Go Away”,

Grahame Smith – ” Lonely Bear”


First Place was awarded to Geoff Patchett for his rendition of ” Love the Music”

Second Place sat nicely for Grahame Smith with this fabulous image of – “Abu Simbel”

Third Place went to Margaret Callister for – ” Confusion” – below

Highly Commended was awarded to

Sue Joy twice for  – ” Lighting the Way” and ” Face Off”,

Peter Ryan – ” Night in the City”

EDI- DIgital Images

First Place was stolen by Sue Joy for ” Looking Through”

Second Place moved on in for Peter Ryan and ” Miss Behaving” – below

Third Place was awarded to Sharron Leppien for ” “Safe Inside”

Highly Commended points were awarded to

Petro Holowinskyj – ” Foggy Morning”,

Brad Le Brocque for ” Bucket of Puppies” and

Sharron Leppien for ” Wondering


Grahame Smith features once again in the placings with this First Place Award – ” Give me your lunch money”

Looks like there was plenty to talk about when Ernie Goulding scored a Second Placing for this image title – “ What was the Joke” – pictured below

The mystery seemed to have been solved for Dave Vane for this image titled – ” This is how it works” Congrats on your Third Place

Highly Commended awards went to

Peter Ryan – ” A town of Red and Blue”,

Sharron Leppien – ” Love” and

Eric Reid – ” Busted”

Congratulations to all who entered! Its wonderful to have full stands of prints and have Petro and Brian sweat it out under pressure operating the computer presenting and scoring of the EDI images!

This next Tuesday night is our ” Knock out Competition”. This is such a fun evening to attend and to enter some images for fun. Remember its a show of hands and the most popular image out of the two displayed goes through to the next round.

Bring 2 images on a USB and give them to Petro or Brian as soon as you arrive so that they can get the party started. I am going to make a prediction here…. I predict that if Brad has any hope of making it past the first round that neither of his images should show any resemblence to Chad Morgan, his son or any look alike at all. Yeah? Agreed?

Cheers All.


July Open Competition Results

Another large presentation of prints and images were shown on July 3rd. Jim Smart was our judge and as always has a very keen eye for the Nature and particularly the Avian images that were shown to him.

Tuesday the 11th of July is the night of showing off our Tryptych assignment images. Such a challenging and thought provoking assignment and I am sure that we will see some dazzling images presented.

For your viewing pleasure.

Monochrome Large Prints

First Place – Graham Smith, channeling some Olde’ Worlde’ vibes – ” Leo, Cara & Dufus”

Second Place – Margaret Callister, presented her first image for judging at the MCC and went home with some very very positive comments from our Judge, Congratulations Margaret. ” Snow Gums”

3rd Place – Brad Le Brocque, Brad received a resounding round of applause when he was announced a place getter with the Sheik from Scrubby Creek. ( Anymore Chad’s up your sleeve Brad? 😉  – “Chad Relaxed”

Highly Commended – Geoff Patchett – “Twisted”, Petro Holowinskyj – “Bike Engine Details”, Jennine Rutherford – “A Mothers Love”

Colour Large Prints

First Place – Dave Vane, ” Florescent Toadstool” ~ we would disappointed if I didn’t mention the possibility of Dave glowing at his award wouldn’t they 😉

Second Place – Graham Smith – ” Lion Cub”  ~ then I would have to assume that Graham was indeed purring at his placing wouldn’t I ?

Third Place – David Henderson – ” Foggy” ~ there was nothing foggy about David’s vision for this shot. A very worthy placegetter indeed.


Highly CommendedSue Joy ” Sophie”, Peter Ryan – “Cat nap, well almost”, Petro Holowinskyj – ” Backlit Cobwebs”

Creative Large Prints

First Place – Sue Joy ” Champagne with Class” ~ Sue has an unmistakable patent on this very intoxicating genre of chicken’s feet. A very deserved winner.

Second Place – Geoff Patchett ” Cocky Glow” –  What are you feeding those Cockies Geoff?

Third Place – Geoff Patchett ” Hibiscus” ~I for one and not sure what delights that Geoff grows in his extensive garden but it looks like Cocky has been feeding on the Hibiscus below.

Highly Commended Sue Joy “Lights the way”, Margaret Callister ” Flannel Flower”, Ernie Goulding ” Fungus and Gnome”

Small Prints

First Place – Came into land for Geoff Patchett with one of the more normal Cockies that hang around his place ” Sulphur Landing”

Second Place – Went swimmingly for Peter Ryan ” A pair of Quackers!”

Third Place bloomed for Dianne Richardson ” Drenched”

Highly Commended –Jennine Rutherford ” Monkey See”, Dianne Richardson ” Buick Special”, Peter Ryan ” Whats for Dinner?”


EDI – Digital Images

First Place – Dianne Richardson “Bare”

Second Place – Brad Le Brocque ” Lights of Maitland Show”

Third Place – Sue Joy ” Abandoned”  ~ one for ‘Trip Advisor’?

Highly CommendedPeter Ryan ” Miss Mala Mala!”, Graham Smith ” Rachel”, Neville Forster ” Dart Turning Fish”

Congratulations all.