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Maitland Camera Club is based at Club Maitland City in Maitland, NSW

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We belong to the Northern Photographic Federation

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August Competition Results – Set Subject – Selective Focus


First place – “Mice and Wild Berries” by Alec Trusler

Second Place – “Wildcat” by Julie Rathbone 

Third Place – “Green Frog on Leaf” – by Petro Holowinskyj

Highly Commended awarded to – Peter Smith “In for a free feed” ,  Grahame Wright “Figbird”  ,  Brad Le Brocque ” Lone Red Fungi”



First Place – “Ferns #2” by Petro Holowinskyj

Second Place – “Babbler in Mono” by Brad Le Brocque

Third Place – “Mono Mushy” by Brad Le Brocque

Highly Commended awarded to  – Malcolm Pattison ” Arms Outstretched”  ,  Ernie Goulding ” It Must Be Black and White”  ,  Grahame Smith ” Starting Young”


First Place  ” Seed Pods” by Sue Joy

Second Place – “Spider Web” – Geoff Patchett

Third Place – “Lavender Tint” – Malcolm Pattison

Highly Commended awarded to  – Geoff Patchett ” Bumblebee Hunting”  ,  Petro Holowinskyj ” Water Garden Flowers #b ” ,  Malcolm Pattison ” Lunchtime”.


First Place – “Avocet Huddle” by Julie Rathbone

Second Place – “Purple” – Heather Colgate

Third Place – “Bluebells 6384” by Neville Forster

Highly Commended awarded to  – Sue Joy ” Baby Bird”  ,  Kevin Parsons ” Blocks”  ,  Grahame Smith ” Orchids” 


First Place – “Red Berries” by Sandra Elliott

Second Place – “Tilt Shift” by Sean Sylvester 

Third Place – “Church” by Christine Lewis

Highly Commended awarded to – Jennine Rutherford ” Bottoms Up”  ,  Eric Reid ” Day Lily 1 1017″  ,  Sean Sylvester ” Panned to Speed”

Congratulations to all






What’s on in August 2018

Dear Member,

Here is your monthly reminder of  ‘What’s on in August’ for the Maitland Camera Club.

You are able and encouraged to view the home page of the MCC website. 

Please click on this link >  https://maitland.myphotoclub.com.au  to view the extensive Events Calendar that is located on the left hand side of the home page. You are able to view, click on and expand each event or even click on “View Calendar” to see events for the remainder of the year. You can bookmark the MCC homepage on your computer home screen to short cut to view the Calendar and view all posts that have been made on to the website.

Another feature of the home page is, the Green tab “Contact/ Help” in the top menu bar. This is particularly useful when you need to either contact a committee member or find the help you need in the FAQ’s. (frequently asked questions)

It is a very good idea to familiarise yourself with all of the features of the website. All special and regular events are permanently placed on the website as are the all of the details for past, present and future competitions.

August 7th :-  Set Subject ” Selective Focus” showing and judging. Definitions are listed on the MCC website MEMBERS > ALL CLUB INFORMATION, RULES, DOCUMENTS (etc) > 2018 Programme pdf link ( lease click on this link to open)

      Petro’s day Class meets between 10:00am and 12:00 noon in the Emerald room,                  the Club Maitland City.

August 12th :- Photo Hunt closes. – Please look at the MCC Website homepage https://maitland.myphotoclub.com.au to see competition rules, map and details.

August 14th :- Showing of Edits of the Same image 

 Petro’s day Class meets between 10:00am and 12:00 noon in the Emerald room,                    Club Maitland City.

August 21st :- Photo Hunt Showing and Presentation 




14 August – Showing edits of the same image

On 14 Aug we will be trying a new style of members’ participation fun night where we will look at different edits of a number of images.
What we are doing is asking members to contribute an image that they think would benefit from some editing. We’ll then randomly give those images to other people to apply their editing skills, whilst the owner of the image also edits the image. On 14 Aug we will look at the original plus the two different edits and have a bit of a discussion on the effects of the different edits.
There will be no restrictions on how the images are edited, so there will be plenty of scope to be creative – we are not after competition standard images, just some different ideas on how images can be treated.
For the night to work we need lots of people to participate and as we are looking for images that could benefit from editing, we are not looking for award winning images – anything you have that didn’t quite work would be fabulous. Similarly your editing skills don’t have to be that good – anything you do to change an image will be interesting to look at.

How it will work:

Select an image of your own that you consider could be improved with some editing.

Give the unedited image file a title then email it (in whatever format it came out of your camera) to Geoff Patchett gphe@bigpond.com, with “Two Edits” and your name as the title of the email.

Email must arrive by 9pm 31 July.

Standby to receive someone else’s unedited image by return email on 1 Aug.

Edit your image and the other person’s image in any way you choose. Do not change the title of the other person’s image or your original image.

Add “-1” to the title of your edited image
ie if your original image was called “Sunset” the edited version becomes “Sunset-1”

On 14 Aug bring standard EDI size copies of your unedited image, your edit of your own image and your edit of the other person’s image on a USB stick.

Join the discussion about the various edits.

July Open Photographic Competition Results

138 prints and projected images were presented to our judge Barry Collier. As usual there was a very high standard of entries. We have some truly talented members!

July the 24th sees the meet up of Petro’s Day Class at the “Fishermans Wharf” – Carrington at 9:00am till noon. All members are invited and welcome to attend.

July the 31st at 7:00pm is the night of the MCC Committee Meeting. All members are invited to attend and put forward any ideas that they may have that would be of benefit to the MCC. Probably won’t be as much fun as Petro’s outing at the Wharf, but….. the invitation is still there. 🙂

Congratulations to all of this months award winners!


First Place – “Yellow Trio” by Petro Holowinskyj

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Cessnock Bioblitz – invitation to photographers

Camera Club members have been invited to participate in a “Bioblitz” to record sightings of flora, birds, scats & tracks and other animals at Poppet Head Park, Kitchener from 9am-2pm on Sunday 9th September 2018. Anyone wanting to get involved should contact the coordinator Ingrid Garland on Mobile: 0405 761 593 or email: ingrid@envirocommconnections.com.au 
 She has provided the info below.

Cessnock City Council and Birdlife Australia are rolling out the ‘Our Bushland’ campaign to raise awareness about local bushland and its importance to local species. The campaign has been made possible by funding from the NSW Government through its Environmental Trust. It seeks to educate residents about all bushland, not just the bushland in National Parks. It’s about the bushland down the street, around the corner and across the road. This bushland (or vegetation) is home to some very important species and are called biodiversity hotspots by ecologists. Critically endangered species, including the Regent Honeyeater and Swift Parrot, use our local bushland for food and shelter. and the long-term survival of these birds, and other threatened and native species, is linked to the long-term health of our bushland.
We’re holding a Bioblitz, which is a community event inviting people to come along to work with scientist who will provide guided walks to look for and record data on birds sightings, tracks & scats of other animals, as well as provide some educational displays for the community and local families to come and enjoy. 

We have a program of walks set up with local ecologists for the community/participants to go with on the day, to see what birds & other species they can identify. We also have Hunter Waterwatch and NPWS Discovery Rangers running some kids activities, and some other stall holders with information on biodiversity, illegal dumping, nest boxes and lots more.

We’d love to get some budding or experienced nature photographers to help us capture species sighted on the day at Poppet Head Park, and also the photos of the community in action with the scientists/ecologists on the day. We would be grateful for any volunteer photographers to work with us – you can stay for as long or little as you like. We’d just be grateful for the extra eyes & cameras out capturing this event.
Any photos from the event would be greatly appreciated, as these may then be used, with photographer credit, by Cessnock City Council for the ‘Our Bushland’ Project in factsheets, online & social media pages, reports, brochures etc, as well as some other general Biodiversity materials, posters, and online publications. Images may also be used by the NSW Environmental Trust, as they have funded the project, and receive copies of all images and resources from the project.
We would ask that photographers wishing to be involved, register with me prior, so we can arrange availability and preferred photography style, plus be further briefed on the event.
Hope to see you for the ‘Our Bushland’ Biobliz.
Ingrid Garland (nee Berthold)
EnviroComm Connections Pty Ltd
M: 0405 761 593

2018 Australian Cup for Australian Photographic Clubs – Results


Maitland Camera Club placed 6th overall !!

46 Photographic Clubs entered this competition.

Congratulations to Julie Rathbone on being awarded a APS Bronze Medal for her entry  ” Argument at the Waterhole”. 

Alec Trusler earned a “Judges Choice” for his image “Emerging Kingfisher” – Congratulations!

A huge thank you to our hard working executive committee who spent  enormous amount of time in the background with the selection and submission of the images and relevant hoop jumping  that contributed to a very good result for our club.

Every member should be very proud of their individual contribution to what makes Maitland Camera Club a force to be reckoned with in the big pond.

Please click on this link to view the overall results.




What’s on in July

July the 3rd.  Petro’s Day class commences at 10 am and finishes at noon. This is a free class so please recommend this to your friends or family if they have an interest in photography. Petro also conducts a photography excursion on the 4th tuesday of the month to various loactions.    7 pm sees the Judging of the July Open Photographic Competition by Barry Collier. Uploads are open till 11:45pm Sunday the 1st of July.

July the 10th. Petro’s Day Class 10 am till 12 noon. At  7 pm we will enjoy “Its a Knockout ” Competition conducted by Alec Trusler. Please load 2 images 1920 x 1200px <2mb onto a usb and hand to Petro before 7 pm.

July the 17th begins with Petros’ day class and at 7pm will see our Workshop Night.

“Workshop Night – Adjusting images using Adobe Camera Raw and Getting the most out of Lightroom” – by using Lightroom Classic
If you have a laptop with Camera Raw or Lightroom, bring it along with some images that you would like to work with. The Lightroom session will start at the beginning with loading images onto your computer, so bring some images on a card or whatever system you use to transfer images from your camera to the computer.

July 31st – Committee Meeting. All members are welcome to attend. 

Please also note that on the front page of our website there is a Events Column on the left hand side for a quick reference for what is on for the remainder of the year.

It’s a Knockout!

July the 10th at 7.00pm in the Emerald Room, Club Maitland City is the location for the annual “It’s a Knockout” Competition.

Each year Alec Trusler runs this very popular and fun night. On the night can you please bring a USB with 2 images loaded and fitting the required 1920 x 1200px <2mb jpeg file sizes and hand them over to Petro to load onto his computer. It is a great idea to arrive a little earlier so that Petro is not inundated at the last minute.

The way this competition works is a very simple but successfull format.

Two images are shown side by side and the members vote on which image can go through to the next round. The next round is then shown in the same process until Alec  and Petro end up with the last image that has been consistently voted through the previous rounds. Then the winner is announced.

This is a fun night so please choose  2 images, load them on to a USB and hand to Petro and enjoy the banter and feverish counting that is, “Its a Knockout” night.

July the 3rd is our Open Competition night.

July the 3rd & 10th at 10:00 am Petro conducts his day classes. Feel free to come along and bring a friend if you like.







An Invitation to attend a presentation by Meike Boynton

Wangi Camera Club has extended an invitation to our members to attend a presentation by renowned Landscape Photographer Meike Boynton EFIAP/p,  APSEM

Monday the 25th June,  6:45 pm till 9:30pm at the Wangi Workers Club.

Meike is a young woman with tremendous passion, drive and energy for Landscape Photography.

I would strongly urge any person who would like some inspiration to attend.

This event is guaranteed to be a visual feast.

A gold coin donation is all that is required to cover the cost of the light refreshments.