About our club

Maitland Camera Club wishes to extend an invitation to all persons with a passion for photography. 

The Club enjoys a robust membership catering for all levels of photographers , some with vast experience,  whilst others are just beginning their journey.  

As a collective group, ideas and skills  are shared to the benefit of all members.

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About us

Where – Maitland Camera Club meets at Club Maitland City,  12

Arthur Street, Rutherford.

When – We meet on  the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Tuesday of the months of February through to December.

 A competition is held on the 1st Tuesday.

Talks, tutorials and workshops are held on the 2nd and 3rd Tuesdays.

All meetings start at 7 pm.

Petro holds a day class every Tuesday morning at the Club Maitland City – Emerald room between 10:00am and Noon. On the 4th Tuesday of the month an outing is planned.

Upcoming Events
6:00 pm Committee Meeting @ Club Maitland City
Committee Meeting @ Club Maitland City
Apr 30 @ 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
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Wangi Camera Club invitation to AdrianCarrideo presentation

by Dennis White, April 22, 2019

Chinese Gardens Day Trip


On Tuesday the 23rd of April, Petro is leading a members group to the Chinese Gardens of Friendship at Pier Street, Darling Harbour.

Admission is Adult $6, Senior is $4.50

Petro will be in the 2nd carriage from the front on the train from Hamilton to Central Station. The train will be departing at approximately 6:40 am from Hamilton Station. All interested members are asked to contact Petro on 4949 9036 or 0457347225 or email peterthesinister@bigpond.com to register their interest.

All members are invited to attend and please check individual train timetables for a more accurate schedule.

by Sharron Leppien, April 15, 2019

Star Trails outing Tuesday the 9th of April.


April 9th – Practical night . We will meet at Barraba Lane (see link above) between 4:30 and 5pm (sunset 5:47pm) Tuesday April 9th to have a look and set up, we will travel to Kitchener Pub – Kitchener, for dinner at 6-6:30pm.

A sturdy Tripod

Your camera

Instruction manual for your camera

Headlamp or Torch preferably red

(can be achieved with several layers of red cellophane)

A cable release or remote control to suit your camera

These are available on line and are cheap

Many new cameras have an App available

A seat or cushion to sit on for the outside photography section

Warmish cloths

Insect repellent 

This is Free software for Windows http://www.startrails.de/html/software.html

https://www.markus-enzweiler.de/StarStaX/StarStaX.html for Mac

by Sharron Leppien, April 5, 2019

2019 APS Australian Cup

Dear Member,

The entry system is now open for pre selection for our submission to the 2019 Australian Cup.

Last year our club rose to the challenge and was subsequently awarded a very respectable 6th place and an APS Honourable Mention out of the 46 participating Australian Camera Clubs! Individual awards were earned by Julie Rathbone – APS Bronze Medal & Alec Trusler – Judges Choice.


We are, as a club, to submit 20 images in total. The Category is Open. Any subject (colour or mono) is acceptable but no images of a pornographic nature will be accepted.

The entry to our pre selection competition is now open and closes at midnight the 31st of April. We have a judging panel who will select the final 20 images to be submitted to the 2019 APS Australian Cup. Entry is via our MEMBERS > COMPETITIONS > Other competitions or upload opportunities > Australian Cup – Preselection .

Entry requirements are the same as usual ie 1920 x 1200 < 2mb. You will be able to change your entries up until the closing time – 31st April Midnight. You will also be able to view all entries listed – this is to negate the chances of similar images and thereby varying the pool of images to choose from. However, if you think that you have a much better shot of something that has already been entered, enter it. As mentioned, members will be able to change their entry right up until the closing date. The theme is Open and does not require any coherency between the 20 images. Each image will be judged on its own merit. Points from each image will be directed to the authors’ club and the resulting final score will be totalled and then the clubs will be placed in order of highest to lowest points.


We look forward to your entries.

Thank you

by Sharron Leppien, March 14, 2019


Maitland International Salon of Photography 2019

The exhibition of the top images from the Maitland International Salon of Photography will be displayed at the Maitland Regional Art Gallery, 230 High St., Maitland, from the 23rd of February to the 26th of May. The gallery will display 50 of the top images from the Salon as well as projected images. The gallery is open between 10:00AM and 5:00PM from Tuesday to Sunday.

Please click on the link below for the February F/Stop Official Newsletter of the Federation of Camera Clubs NSW


by Sharron Leppien, February 25, 2019

MCC 60th Birthday Display at Steamfest

Neville Foster is putting together a display at the Maitland Public School in Church Street Maitland. This is running in conjunction with Steamfest on the 13th & 14th of April.

We are needing your prints and digital submissions.

Please register your interest by filling in the attached form (below) and returning to Neville. nhwfoster24@gmail.com

by Sharron Leppien, February 18, 2019

Results for competitions in February – Open

There were 9 entries that gained our highest award(s).

Peter Ryan – 14
Colour Large Print

Grahame Smith – 15
Colour Large Print

Ernie Goulding – 15
Creative Large Print

Ernie Goulding – 14
Creative Large Print

David Henderson – 14
Mono Large Print

Brad Le Brocque – 15
Mono Large Print

Neville Foster – 15
Open Digital

David Henderson – 14
Open Digital

Christine Lewis – 15
Open Small Print

by Petro Holowinskyj, February 14, 2019

Image of the Year (IOTY) and High Point Awards

Such a great evening was enjoyed by all at our annual Christmas Party, IOTY and High Point awards!

Thank you everyone for being part of the success of the Maitland Camera Club. We have a very hard working Committee, dedicated helpers who every week help put up the stands and then pack them away and of course our members who just help keep the ball rolling by attending the day classes as well as the weekly meetings. Thank you!

Look forward to seeing you all in 2019.

The Image of the Year – Open large Colour Print 

Julie Rathbone for “Sentry Duty”

Merits were awarded to Sue Joy for “Friarbird”, Graham Smith for “The Eyes Have It” and Sue Joy for “Funkylicious”


by Sharron Leppien, December 7, 2018

Maitland International Salon of Photography invitation

Entering International competitions is an excellent way of improving our photography.
The Maitland Salon is one of the first major Salons in the year and the 2019 Salon is open for entries. This is a Print and Digital Salon so I encourage you to post off your prints early to avoid the Christmas postal rush. Print entries this year can be forwarded to The Vigex Salon in Victoria, Australia so you can get a double bang for your buck. Please visit the website – https://maitlandsalon.myphotoclub.com.au
The salon has been running as an international for 62 years and is highly regarded.
Please consider entering this local event.

For our MCC Members we have a personalised delivery service for your prints,  a big saving on postage. 🙂 You can give them either myself, Petro Holowinskyj, Neville Forster or Greg Campbell. Entering is easy and is the same process that we are all used too via myphotoclub and you can easily find the link on the MCC website opening paragraph or by clicking on the link above.

The accepted prints and digital images are displayed in the Arts & Crafts Pavilion for the duration of the Maitland Show and then a selection of prints will be displayed at the Maitland Regional Art Gallery.

I hope to see your prints and images in the exhibition.

Sharron Leppien

Vice President

Maitland International Salon of Photography


by Sharron Leppien, November 27, 2018

2018 Christmas Party & IOTY Presentation Invitation

by Sharron Leppien, November 26, 2018